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About OICC

Overseas Indian Cultural Congress (OICC) as the first step in bringing the various non-resident Indians of the state under one umbrella

Our Objectives


The main object of the OICC shall be to work for social economic welfare of Keralites abroad. Maintenance of friendly relation with the nationals of the foreign countries. Projecting the image of India and Kerala in the interest of proper understanding and doing all such acts that are conducive to the welfare of the Indian nationals abroad who are committed to the ideological views of Indian National Congress. Helping the Indians in distress and organize cultural activities to entertain them, especially Malayalees.



Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.

-Mahatma Gandhi

Our Inspiration

OICC is a part of Indian National Congress, which stands for democracy, secularism human solidarity and international cooperation.

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OICC’s Independence Day Celebrations

Melbourne: Independence Day will be celebrated in a wide range under the leadership of OICC Victoria Committee. Events held at Ballarat Australia in presence of OICC Victoria President Martin Urumees on Wednesday evening. Congress Supporters were present at the programs arranged at 179, Cuthberts Road, Alfredton, VIC – 3350

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